Terms and Conditions


* No Refunds.

* There will be music playing, so please leave your loud speakers at home, so we dont get 10 different things playing at once!

* There will be a no smoking policy of any devices in the hall for all the non smokers. There is a Designated Smoking Area.

* Anyone under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

* No Alcohol or Drugs are allowed onto the premises, you welcome to go to the Bar on Premises Provided you bring your ID.  Bad Behavior can have you expelled from the event.

* Designated Sleeping/Spectator Area.

* Right of Admission reserved.

Venue is open from Friday afternoon 5PM to Sunday Morning.

PC+Person R250 at the door. R200 if Pre-Booked.

Spectators R100 for the weekend.